Antiquities Act

AZ Rancher Sues To Stop Biden Administration Abuse of Antiquities Act

From our friends at the Pacific Legal Foundation: Chris Heaton, a sixth-generation rancher, is suing the Biden administration for abusing the Antiquities Act to designate a million acres of land in Arizona as a national monument.  “The Antiquities Act exists to protect Native American archeological sites, not to give presidents unlimited power to declare vast […]

Trump Reduces Utah National Monuments, Tribes and Environmental Groups Respond with Lawsuits

This week, President Trump signed two proclamations, which reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah by 2 million acres and is now the largest rollback of federal land protection in U.S. history. Using the Antiquities Act, Trump formally downsized the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument to about half its size (from 1.9 million acres to […]

Interior Secretary Zinke recommends contraction, but not rescission, of national monuments

In response to President Trump’s request for an auditing of national monuments, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended redrawing the boundaries of certain national monuments rather than a wholesale rescission of the monument status. Details on the recommended cuts have not yet been publicized, though in the past few months, Zinke declined to adjust the boundaries […]

Controversial: Obama creates 3 new national monuments, expands 2 others

Obama creates 3 new national monuments, expands 2 others In his last week, President Obama controversially announced the creation of three new national monuments and the expansion of two existing national monuments using the Antiquities Act of 1906. The Antiquities Act was passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt […]

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