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Sackett and the Supreme Court: Back to Basics or EPA’s Shrinking Jurisdiction?

To look at the headlines today, you might think the
sky was falling and the United States was headed off into a ditch somewhere—all
because of the United States Supreme Court. 
Headlines proclaiming that the Supreme Court “delivered a blow to
wetlands” (NBC News), “shrinks clean water protections” (The Guardian), “weakens
clean water protections” (Vox) or even more bombastic: “gutted ...Read More

Epic Agreement: California, Arizona & Nevada Agree To Slash Colorado River Usage and Taxpayers Foot the Bill

The Lower Basin states of Arizona, California, and Nevada have agreed to save an additional 3 million acre-feet of Colorado River Water in the Lower Basin by the end of 2026, or about 13 percent of these states’ total allocation of water from the river.

In return, the federal government will compensate the three ...Read More

California AG Rob Bonta Sues Elk Grove For Breaking Housing Law: ‘They Have Left Us No Choice’

California’s attorney general is suing the city of Elk Grove for denying a contentious affordable housing project in the city’s Old Town. “You can’t ignore the law because it doesn’t suit you,” California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Monday, adding later, “They’ve resisted the law time and time again. They have left us no choice.” ...Read More

House fails to override Biden’s veto of WOTUS

The House failed to overturn President Biden’s veto of a Republican effort to nullify his administration’s new and expansive water of the U.S. rule which delineates which waters are subject to federal jurisdiction and regulation. The Biden rule greatly expands the federal government’s jurisdictional reach, requiring federal permits for a litany of projects.

The House voted 227-196 to overturn ...Read More

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