On April 25th, the Biden Administration cut oil and gas leasing and prohibited all infrastructure over 13,000 square miles, reversing a 2020 Trump policy that opened up most of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA) to exergy exploration and production.  The NPRA is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and was originally created by President Warren G. Harding who set the NPRA aside for oil and gas development in 1923. The Biden Administration, per President Biden’s executive order on climate change, directed federal agencies, including the BLM, to “promote and protect our public health and the environment and conserve our national treasures and monuments,” which the Administration interprets as dramatically cutting oil and gas production and reducing America’s energy production. 

Under the BLM’s new record of decision regarding the Alaska National Petroleum Reserve, only about 52% of the Petroleum Reserve is available for oil and gas leasing.  This decision is a dramatic shift away from domestic energy production, angering the Alaska congressional delegation, increasing the United States’ dependence on foreign sources of energy, and has the potential to further alienate the American public currently suffering from record gas prices.

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