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Colorado Mineral Owners Allege “Forced Pooling” Violates Procedural Due Process & First Amendment Rights

Colorado mineral owners filed a federal lawsuit against the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (the “COGCC”) this past Wednesday, asserting that the COGCC’s authority to allow companies to drill on objecting residents’ land is unconstitutional. Colorado Rising, the activist group backing the lawsuit, recently suffered defeat of its November ballot measure that would have […]

Rollback of Federal Laws on Methane Leak Inspections and Repairs

On September 11th the U.S. EPA released a proposal that relaxes requirements for how energy companies monitor and repair methane leaks. This proposal is among the many proposed rollbacks of Obama-era regulations. The draft proposal has not yet been published in the Federal Register. Under the proposal, companies would perform a leak inspection at least […]

Trump’s EPA Targets Obama-Era Automobile Emission Standards

This month, the Trump administration moved forward with a plan to unravel aggressive federal emissions and fuel economy standards. The EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a joint statement Thursday unveiling their plan to replace those standards with something much more lax. Automakers have argued since the passage of the more stringent standards […]

Electric Vehicles Fueled by State Funds

On May 30, 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) approved wide-ranging proposals from the State’s large investor-owned utilities to expand electric vehicle infrastructure and rebate programs with a total budget of over $738 million. The order stems from the 2016 directive ordering investment owned utilities to propose projects that would advance the electrification of […]

Good News For Keystone XL: Positive U.S. Environmental Review

The U.S. State Department has given preliminary environmental approval to a proposed alternative route through Nebraska for the Keystone XL pipeline, a route that is currently being challenged by landowners and other project opponents in the Nebraska Supreme Court. The State Department, which has already issued a cross-border permit for TransCanada Corp.’s project found that […]

California: San Francisco and Oakland Climate-Change Lawsuits Thrown Out

A federal judge on Monday threw out a lawsuit brought by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland against fossil fuel companies over the anticipated costs of dealing with future climate change. The decision should raise a warning for other local governments around the United States that have filed similar suits, including New York City. […]

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