On behalf of Buckeye Terminals, Mitchell Chadwick sued the City of West Sacramento in Yolo County Superior Court for failing to conduct adequate traffic studies along South River Road before it dramatically altered traffic routes and circulation.  The City’s decision would increase traffic, close off existing truck-staging areas, and disallow safe rail deliveries to the area.  The City also added an unknown number of commuter vehicles to South River Road from the newly opened McGowan Bridge and is recklessly mixing commuter and industrial traffic with 3,800 to 5,200 additional ethanol tanker-truck trips near the Buckeye facility.  “Those [traffic] studies, if done, would show safety risks where ethanol trucks mix with traffic, said Braiden Chadwick.”

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Buckeye Terminals is represented by Braiden Chadwick of Mitchell Chadwick LLP.

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