Founded in 1997 with a diverse steering committee of regulators, bankers and environmentalist, this is the first – and onlyNational hands-on conference for mitigation, conservation and ecosystem banking that focuses on banking to protect wetlands, endangered species and other natural resources.  The Conference presents current and timely content and dialogue on important issues through interactive sessions, panels, moderated forums and training. Dialogue between bankers, regulators, customers/users, environmentalists and supporting government agencies is a primary focus of this annual conference.

The Conference has grown to 400 + attendees.

Braiden’s presentation will focus on how to raise capital for your banking project.   The presentation will offer answers to four critical questions:

1)  how to value a mitigation bank or a mitigation bank portfolio?

2) How to identify potential capital partners?

3) How to successfully pitch a mitigation banking project to an investor?

4) How to structure an effective joint venture agreement?