New CEQA Guidelines Now in Effect

The Regulatory Action Amendments to the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) Guidelines (the “Amendments”) have been approved by the Office of Administrative Law and filed by the Secretary of State. The Amendments are now effective California regulations. All CEQA documents that were not circulated for the statutory public review and comment period prior to the […]

Federal Funding for Sites Reservoir

The Departments of Interior and Agriculture announced a $449 million grant for the Sites Reservoir Project in Colusa County, California. The Sites Reservoir is a proposed 13-mile lake that would hold nearly 1.8 million acre-feet of water diverted from the Sacramento River. The $449 million grant will fund a pipeline that will connect the Glenn-Colusa […]

CEQA: Sixth District Court of Appeal Rejects Appeal on MND

The Sixth District Court of Appeal filed a decision heavy on writ procedure in the case Alliance of Concerned Citizens Organized for Responsible Development on November 26, 2018 (Case No. H044410). The heavy focus on procedure in the Court’s decision doesn’t make for the most exciting reading, but the decision contains an important reminder for […]

California Going it Alone: Keeping GHG Emissions Standards High

On Friday, September 28, 2018 the California Air Resources Board (“ARB”) stated that automakers that wish to sell vehicles in California still need to comply with the state’s stricter fuel economy rules. The ARB voted to affirm the “deemed to comply” provision of a key greenhouse gas regulation adopted in California in 2012 to ensure […]

Brown Proposes Changes to Timber Harvesting Rules

The Governor’s office proposed broad changes to logging rules in California to allow landowners to cut larger trees and build temporary roads without obtaining a permit. This proposal is a way to encourage the thinning of forests to alleviate wild fire threats. The timber industry is supportive of the changes, while most environmental groups are […]

Electric Vehicles Fueled by State Funds

On May 30, 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) approved wide-ranging proposals from the State’s large investor-owned utilities to expand electric vehicle infrastructure and rebate programs with a total budget of over $738 million. The order stems from the 2016 directive ordering investment owned utilities to propose projects that would advance the electrification of […]

Second District Court of Appeal Upholds Application of Existing Facilities Exemption for Power Plant Lease Extension

The case World Business Academy v. California State Lands Commission (2018, Case No. B284300) involves PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo County, and a dispute regarding the State Lands Commission’s decision to approve a lease extension via a CEQA categorical exemption. The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant as been operating since 1985 […]

L.A. County Land-Use Plan Overcomes Enviro Objections

On June 19, a California appellate court upheld LA County’s approval of a new 1,800 acre land-use plan, rejecting the argument that additional environmental assessment was warranted. The County approved the new plan as a “modification” to the existing 2015 Antelope Valley Area Plan, and stated that the changes weren’t significant enough to require an […]

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