Downey Brand LLP’s Mining, Oil & Gas and Land Use Practice Leaves Firm to Start Land-Use Boutique

Patrick G. Mitchell and G. Braiden Chadwick, the two partners comprising Downey Brand LLP’s Land Use and Mining group announced that they were gathering their clients and practice group and leaving Sacramento’s largest law firm on January 31, 2014 to form one of California’s most specialized land-use boutiques.

The new firm, Mitchell Chadwick LLP, will be located in Roseville, California. Chris Powell, Allison Reynolds, Natalie Kocher, and Michael Ng join as associates.

The new firm takes with it many high-profile clients and is made up of a solo practitioner from Placer County and the six attorneys from Downey Brand’s now former mining and land-use practice.


Patrick G. Mitchell focuses on mining, land use and environmental issues. His clients include multinational and national mining companies. He is recognized throughout California as the top mining attorney in the state. He has also worked on permitting some of the largest residential and commercial development projects ever approved in California. His primary work is for the California mining industry.

G. Braiden Chadwick is one of the state’s most knowledgeable authorities on mitigation/conservation banking and is one of California’s experts on the Williamson Act. He frequently represents multinational oil and mining companies, residential and commercial developers and a variety of project proponents before state and federal administrative agencies in connection with CEQA, NEPA, use permits and other entitlements. He also represents agricultural entities, ski resorts, and residential developers.


Chris L. Powell has expertise in obtaining land use approvals and permits including general plan amendments, specific plans, zone changes, conditional use permits, site approvals, subdivisions, plans of operations, rights of way and reclamation plans.

Allison J. Reynolds assists clients in obtaining permits for industrial, energy, commercial and residential developments. She uses her knowledge of federal, state and local environmental laws to help her clients navigate through complicated regulatory issues.

Natalie P. Kocher has experience in environmental review and compliance under the California Environmental Quality Act, agricultural land conservation easement procurement and associated taxation, mining law and CEQA litigation.

Michael J. Ng has performed extensive litigation work for federal and state lawsuits, drafted, reviewed, amended contracts and City ordinances, and has experience in constitutional law, municipal law, and the California Public Records Act.

About Mitchell Chadwick LLP: Mitchell Chadwick is the premier natural resources boutique in California, and the State’s foremost legal advisor to energy, mining, conservation and renewable resource companies.

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Contact: Patrick Mitchell 916-765-0662 and Braiden Chadwick: 916-765-4525